Located right around the Beirut Marina and the Meditarranean Sea, Zaitunay Bay is considered the city’s most prestigious stretch of coastline. Like a Phoenix, what was once thought of as an abandoned and wrecked site has risen from the ashes of the war to become an embodiment of the Lebanese dream – Zaitunay Bay is radiant and here to stay.

The area is open to the general public and is described as a long boardwalk filled with various restaurants, cafes and retail shops on one hand. On the other side is a wide range of glamorous yachts parked at Le Yacht Club which includes state-of-the-art residences and recreational facilities. Zaitunay Bay is also a popular space hosting several cultural events and exhibitions throughout the year.

Local families and tourists can be found basking in the sun, taking a stroll or even going for a run in Zaitunay Bay. While those who are eager for a bite can enjoy a meal at any of the renowned local restaurants such as Em Sherif Sea Café, Babel or Bar Tartine. All the restaurants and cafes offer mouthwatering dishes at an almost affordable price given the luxurious ambience and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea – especially at sunset.

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