When visiting a new country, we all like to see what history it hides and know more about its origins. The National Museum of Beirut is one of the most magnificent museums in the country. It has a spacious interior with perfect lights and a cozy atmosphere where you can actually spend a lot of time exploring all that is exhibited. Almost all exhibits are fully described in Arabic, English, and French where 100,000 objects are spread out over two floors.

The museum holds different unique pieces from prehistory and the bronze age till the Roman and Byzantine periods. You can find famous sarcophagi from different periods, decorated knives, axes and statuettes gilded in bronze. Displayed in the wide corners of the museum are different figurines of the Greek Gods, mosaics, jewellery, and coins. Most importantly, everything about the Phoenicians and its history is exhibited tastefully. In fact, the National Museum of Beirut is known to be the leading collector for ancient Phoenician objects.

If you are a history fan, you might want to catch the short video that sheds light on explaining how the collection was protected during the fifteen-year Civil War. On the way out, you can visit the gift shop and get a small souvenir for a nice memory or better yet gift it to someone who hasn’t yet visited!

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