Each country in the world has its own artistic corner where you can find creative galleries, antique shops, specialist boutiques and design studios. In Lebanon, that place is Saifi Village – a beautiful area with a contemporary concept nestled in the heart of the city.

Although traditional, Saifi Village is still its very own unique character with colorful buildings that were renovated and inspired by French architecture after the war. This development reflects the dynamism of the city of Beirut and how far it has come since then. The quarter is perfect for a calm stroll in the morning where one can escape the hectic buzz of the city. 

There are also various delicious restaurants in the area such as Meat the Fish, which is perfect for a Sunday lunch with family or friends. Regarding artwork, Alwane Gallery shares a wide collection of art such as paintings, sculptures and other art from both established and emerging artists. All in all, Saifi Village is a definite hot spot for tourists, artists, designers, and anyone who simply enjoys admiring unique places. 

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