Place de l’Etoile holds high importance in the Downtown area as the whole area was severely damaged by the war twenty years ago. However, now one can never guess that it was ever destroyed because of how excellent of a job was done in bringing it back to life. It has been rebuilt to such grace and set in pristine surroundings that it is now a testimony to how the Lebanese culture works – mainly how they have revived themselves back to life from war.

Place de l’Etoile is now surrounded by plenty of tasteful restaurants and cafes that serve both international and Lebanese dishes. It is a great place to walk around and enjoy the view of all the marvelously renovated beautiful buildings. You can observe pigeons and birds surrounding the square while enjoying a nice cup of tea or coffee. Place de l’Etoile is a definite tourist hot spot where foreigners enjoy taking pictures as well. If you are visiting Lebanon anytime soon this would definitely be a place to stop at!

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