Discovered in the 1870s, Jeita Grotto is located in the North of Lebanon and is a magical site attracting tourists and sightseers on a regular basis. Stretching 9 kilometers, the cave is made up of crystallized limestones that are naturally sculpted in different colors, sizes and forms. Looking back at its history, the cave received its name ‘Jeita’ in 1940 which translates to the ‘noise’ of water in Aramaic. The caves were also inhabited by prehistoric men who used to produce swords within the cave. It has become one of the world’s most beautiful places gaining an award of one of the ‘New 7 Wonders of Nature’ in 2011.

When visiting Jeita Grotto, the extraordinary experience starts with a cable car ride that leads to the Upper Grotto where visitors can wander on foot around the incredible limestone formations. A dreamy boat ride then awaits you to travel around the Lower Grotto, where you will find the famous 6.6 meter statue ‘Guardian of Time.’ Once the tour within the cave is done, visitors can also stop at the mini zoo and souvenir shops or relax at the restaurant or the Phoenician garden that is filled with unique sculptures.

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